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I am a random civilian that came across Mr. Edward J. Butcherine. After hearing his story I was enlightened! I came to his property and listened to his vision. It was so amazing I decided to keep in touch and follow his progress. Here is the story... 

"In 1919, The American Legion was founded on four pillars: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children & Youth. We are failing our veterans in Central Florida and we need your help. This is the story of Edward J. Butcherine – veteran, hero, and advocate. Mr. Butcherine enlisted in the Air Force in 1969 & served for 33 years.  He served 19 years at the highest level of special operations, and was deployed to Kuwait and remained there until he retired in 2003. Refusing to stay idly by while his brothers and sisters in arms suffered, he joined Project Home Front to help military families. In 2016, Mr. Butcherine became an American Legion commander in Brevard County, Florida and began pouring his heart, soul, and life savings into an outreach project that would save lives. His dream was to purchase land and build an American Legion base that would hand out food and clothing to the homeless and veterans in need. As a brilliant, motivated, and charismatic leader, Mr. Butcherine had no problem rallying advocates for this project, including getting support from Walmart in the future to supply supplies. Unfortunately, there are many unpatriotic county members that made sure this project would never come to fruition – we have no reservation in naming them here to assure that no other veterans become the victims of malice. Here is where the dream of this American hero started to fade, 15 months ago.

One fact to note is that the American Legion national organization no longer provides funds to individuals for the purchase property that would facilitate Legion business, as many abused this privilege when it was available. Mr. Butcherine therefore spent his life savings, a total of about $300,000, to find, purchase, renovate, and build this base of operations. At the time, the county assured him that he would be able to place a modular building on his newly purchased land during the project development phase. Despite Hurricane Matthew’s devastating aftermath, Mr. Butcherine persisted in clean-up efforts and moved forward. After paying for and setting up the modular building and road access, the county denied him a temporary address, which is crucial to obtaining a site planning permit (501c3 non-profit organization tax code) and any other permit, and fined without notice. Subsequently, unprovoked attacks emerged from Steve Packard, from Dial Plumbing. Rather than discussing any grievances with Mr. Butcherine, Mr. Packard had been unrelentingly contacting Planning and Zoning to complain about the property – from the sign, to other items that lead to the county giving fine after fine. Due to the complaints and attention on the property, the county went back on their word regarding the modular building on the property and indicated that Mr. Butcherine had to acquire several additional permits or to remove it. After following through on the permits, he was now told that the entire land was not to be built upon given that it was all wetlands. Our veteran leader had to erase an entire year’s worth of work after having spent close to $300,000 on the property, fines ect...

By all accounts Mr. Butcherine thought he was doing everything correctly. The county instead of helping Mr. Butcherine they threw out as many road blocks as they could. He asked the city for help and received contempt and fines instead. Even if one ignores the fact that this American Legion commander is American hero who has spent his entire life savings on this project, one cannot deny that the forgotten veterans who fought for our country’s freedom deserve the bare minimum of food, shelter, and clothing, if not our respect and empathy. As the perfect representation of American patriotism, intelligence, and empowerment, and in the face of so many who have turned their backs to veterans, we ask that you help Mr. Butcherine accomplish his project to provide basic necessities to Brevard County’s homeless, veterans, and families."

Now everything is in order & we are making progress every day. 100% of all donations goes straight to the cause. All overhead is paid by me or Ed (no you will not find out who I am :) ). I hope you realize veterans have given us a way of life that today we almost all take for granted! Donate... or better yet join us! We need the help!

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